Qwik made her UKC agility
Debut on January 16th &
18th 2009. She Q'd 3 outta 3
AKC Agility Titles
NA - Novice Agility 4-5-09
NAJ - Novice Agility Jumpers 12-3-09
OA -  Open Agility
NF - Novice Fast
OAJ - Open Agility Jumpers
OF - Open Fast
AX -  Agility Excellent
AXJ - Agilty Excellent Jumpers
XF - Excellent Fast
MX - Master Excellent

UKC Agility Titles
UAG1 - UKC Agility Level 1 Earned 1-18-09
UAG2 - UKC Agility Level 2 Earned

Qwik started out with a bang in agility. She
enjoys running with me. She isnt blazing fast but
she is typically very acurate. She has awesome
distance skills due to her field training. She is not
a strong jumper. I had hoped to work towards a
MACH but I am not sure that will be in the cards
for us. As long as she enjoys agility we will
continue. But if her jumping deteriorates any
more we will quit
Qwik's Jumpers run earning, her NAJ
Same pose!!!
Lill Bunny!