Registered Name: Sun Devil Seas Blazin' for Shore      SR37615601
Call Name: Qwik
Breed: Curly-Coated Retriever
Birthday: 9-19-06
Sex: Female (spayed)
Height: 21.75
Weight: 50 lbs
Nicknames: Beans, Qwikie & Qwik-a-dee
Favorite Food: Braunschweiger!!!
Favorite Activity: Being NAUGHTY
Favorite Toys: Cell phones, Remotes, Scrunchies, basically anything she
shouldn't have.
Best Buddies: Diesel, & her girlfriends Pixie & Ruthie
Favorite Website:

I waited a long time for lil' Qwik. I saw my first curly in 2001 when Bell was
only 6 months old. It was at a UKC fun field training day, that I just went to
watch with a friend. I was very intrigued and wanted to learn more about
them. It turns out the curly owner I saw was John Heyn, who later bred my
Nephew, Diesel. I did some research and met and called a few breeders.
My parents had said, when our old girl Ebony passed we could get
another dog. Ebony left us in May of 2005. I waited until I was ready and
contacted a few breeders to see what they would have available. I patiently
waited while several breedings didn't take and then Qwiks breeding just
kinda fell into place! I had seen some of her mothers first litter and liked
the size and energy level of them.

I picked up little baby Qwik the weekend before Thanksgiving in 2006, and
she has been keeping me on my toes ever since. She is a bouncy, fun
loving, lill girl. She is always getting into trouble. One of her favorite games
is to steal things and run around like a crazy loon. She always makes me
smile with her crazy antics.

Qwik is different than Bell when it comes to training. She loves to please
and wants to make me happy. We somtimes struggle with attitude and
drive but we can get er done. Qwik has taken me down different paths
than I thought. She has surpassed goals I never even considered!

Qwik is my snuggly momma's girl. She loves to cuddle and snuggle. I can
squeeze her and hold her forever. If I leave her behind she is very sad. She
will ask to be let outside and will sit on the driveway where my car gets
parked, just waiting for me to come home.

We still have some competition goals to work towards and I am so thankful
for all she has taught me. She may test me sometimes but as always we
enjoy the journey.