Clip & Slip Leads
These Hand Braided Paracord Leads are colorful and
useful. 550 Paracord is extremely strong and will not rot or
mildew. It works great for Hunting dogs or training in any
kind of weather. It comes in a variety of colors and
patterns. 4 strands of Paracord are used in this braid and it
holds super tight. The cord is woven back through and
then melted in for a secure hold.

-Leads can be made to ANY length you want, including short training tabs

-Brass or Silver/Zinc Fittings can be used

-You pick the colors. 2 colors or 3 colors, with 1 being used twice, looks best
Paracord Planet Color Chart

-2 different patterns can be chosen
Spiral or Stripes

-Handle size can be adjusted to your liking or omitted completely

Cost: $3.00 a foot of braiding.
Let me know the length you want the lead to be, but add 6inches for the handle loop for the total cost.
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Spiral Pattern / Stripes Pattern
Brass or Zinc Fittings
Slip Lead
Clip Lead
Custom Dog show awards in the appropriate
colors. Or go with the shows theme.